QASA Response (Final)

I posted last week about the on-going QASA consultation that has tomorrow as it’s deadline. I set out there a bit about the background and why everyone should respond.

Since last week, the CBA issued their response to the consultation. It is blistering. As someone who  has been sceptical and critical of the CBA, it is fair to say that they have redeemed themselves. It is a brilliant response, pulling no punches in ripping apart the current scheme. I don’t agree with it all, but it is well worth reading – certainly justifies the subscription fees. I think that it is so damning that there is a chance that the scheme may not actually go ahead.

I’ve also had some feedback from others and some conversations about the scheme (for which I’m grateful).

I’ve revised mine since then, partly to take account of some of the feedback that I’ve had and partly after reading the CBA response, and it attached here if, as before, anyone wants to steal or critique it.

The main differences to my draft response are:

  • Slight revision of my view on Plea-Only Advocates
  • Inclusion of consideration of the 2009 QAA Cardiff Pilot
  • Suggestions of changes to the Legal Aid Funding Order and Sentencing Practice (clearly I’m whistling in the wind on this one).

The deadline is tomorrow and everyone should respond to it if possible. You could do worse than just sending in the CBA’s response as it.



5 thoughts on “QASA Response (Final)

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