BSB Email – 19th February 2013

The latest QASA update from the BSB is already getting a bit of flack on twitter for being, among other things, full of management speak, grammatically incorrect and in violation of the laws of physics.

I’ve been asked what was in the email that came with it and, as it’s not confidential, I have just posted it below for reference/convenience. If you’re a barrister, you’ve probably already got it, but it contains information of interest to solicitors as well.




Dear Colleagues,

Following my email to you the other week, I have had many helpful responses and queries.  Many of your questions took a similar theme and so rather than email you all individually, we have collated them into a ‘questions and answers’ document.

The Bar Standards Board QASA team will be updating this document regularly as additional notes and queries come in. Do keep sending your questions to .The QASA team will endeavour to answer them as soon as possible.

One question which came up a number of times is: what are advocates expected to do in the ‘accreditation periods?’  To explain, perhaps it would have been more helpful to call them ‘registration periods.’ During registration you should apply for provisional accreditation via ‘Barrister Connect’. Following the registration period, you will have 24 months to obtain your Judicial Evaluations, which convert provisional to full accreditation. This has been amended on the QASA website to ensure there is no further confusion.

Finally, many of you have asked why we have yet to publish the consultation responses. These will be online in the next few weeks and will help explain further how we have incorporated many of your comments and concerns into the Scheme.

Ruth Deech

Chair of the Bar Standards Board

Baroness Deech


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