CPS Letter to the North

We were alerted on twitter that the CPS had instructed all their barristers to attend Court on 22nd April when the North Eastern Circuit will be meeting to discuss what is happening with BVT/QASA etc.

Here is a copy of the letter

I may come back to this with some more comment, feel free to add your views though … 


6 thoughts on “CPS Letter to the North

  1. “The CPS has enjoyed an effective relationship with the criminal bar..”

    As in the introduction of HCA’s, the tick and star system, the cuts to fees by cherry picking the worst aspects of agfs. Oh and as for respecting commitments why is it so many difficult in house cases get briefed out late when it seems that a trial is inevitable and the HCA decides they don’t want to do it.

    The fact that we can disrupt the system is the whole reason for taking action.

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  3. I am the author of the response to the cps. I didn’t want my identity hidden. I don,t give a monkey’s anymore. We are being crushed by a system that knows we have no public support. We are all fat cat lawyers according to the press. We need to understand that it doesn’t matter what the public think now. They do not understand the importance of what we do. They can’t because no one will explain it to them. Our fight is with government and the judges who are sadly doing their bidding. The independent judiciary talk of upholding the administration of justice. Do they not see that we, as the bar, are just as instrumental in the upholding of our superb justice system.?Without us they will be judges of nothing. Justice will be an empty shell pedalled about by inadequate and partial (in its true sense) lawyers motivated by a fee not by the best interests of the lay client.
    We must do all we can to lprevent this disaster
    Adam Roxborough
    Distressed Northern Circuit Practitioner

    • Adam, You are fully supported in your view. Well done, great letter that says it as it truly is. This letter should be pinned to every notice board in every chambers.

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  5. Just an update on that letter. i never did get a proper response from Mr Afsal. He was probably too busy getting his face on tele in the celebrity child abuse cases. Well, you’ll be wholly unsurprised to learn that in spite of my demand to be removed from the prosecution list I am Still on it. The Cps are probably trying to decide who is responsible for such tasks. As with case preparation everyone is responsible no doubt… which in reality means no one is responsible
    all the best to you all
    yours in bewilderment and increasing poverty
    Adam Roxborough

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