PCT Response

The PCT Consultation deadline response is 4th June (bit of background here) – hopefully everyone is well on their way to finishing theirs. The general view is that however many negative responses they good, it won’t be making any difference to what they are going to do, but you’ve got to try.

Crimeline is collecting all the responses – worth reading through them and should be an excellent resource. If you’ve done your own one, than email it to Andrew Keogh with the subject line ‘PCT Response’.

I’ve attached mine here – MoJ PCT Consultation – Personal Response if anyone is interested. Feel free to steal anything (but if you do, change it a little bit as the MoJ will be using a computer program to check).

Mine basically covers the same ground as, I imagine, everyone else’s will. In brief though:

  • The whole consultation is flawed – it’s nonsense to not consult on the principle of PCT
  • Almost all of it is objectionable, with the Dutch Auction and destruction of client choice being particularly bad
  • A general rant about the whole proposals (particularly the lack of any evidence)
  • The data are misleading, particularly the inclusion of VAT to inflate the figures and the use of the mean for averages where medians be more appropriate
  • The answers that I got from questions posed are included – they are unsatisfactory
  • A few (some bonkers, some sensible) suggestions at the end of ways of saving money
  • In general, my response is the same as Borsok the Badger’s. His is shorter, but as Judges often say – brevity is not a disadvantage

Looking forward to reading everyone else’s – particularly anyone who is supportive of the proposals!


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