Legal Aid Question Time – 18th June 2013

Here is a quick write-up of the Legal Aid Question Time on 18th June 2013 in Westminster. It’s a bit rushed, as it was a ‘live event’.  You can go onto twitter and search for #legalaidqt for the audience response.

The panel was Lord McNally (Minister of State for Justice), his opposite, Andy Slaughter, Maura McGowan QC (Chair of the Bar Council) and Steve Hynes from the Legal Action Group.

It’s probably not in the easiest to read format, so apologies for that. It has been videoed and should be up on the Bar Council website shortly …

My initial overview? It was pretty much as you would expect. No great surprises. Fair play to Tom McNally in showing up. One day Chris Grayling may even venture out and support his plans. Will it change anything? Watch this space.


I tried to cut and paste it, but that didn’t work, but you can download it here. Sorry!


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