Gone Marrying

My usual day to day existence

My usual day to day existence

I’m going to be a bit quiet over the next month on twitter and on UK Crime Blog. Obviously this will come as a bitter blow to none so many of you, but your loss is my gain.  

For the next month I shall be swapping this :

BG Early morning edit 2

Gritty Urban East London Skyline

For this :


Infinitely more glamorous.

How so? Well, as those who have met me  might be surprised to hear, I’ve persuaded someone (the rather lovely Joanna Rich to be specific) to marry me. Although now a resident of London Town, she hails from the other side of the pond and so we will be heading to New Jersey for a ‘new meets old’ wedding (not a reference to my age, but the fact that I’m from Jersey, or ‘old Jersey’ as it’s known in the US).

Apparently it’s not the done thing, in polite society, to live tweet your own wedding (or anyone else’s for that matter), so I will be relying on 20th Century technology to record it. I’m sure I will get my hands on some photos of myself and the blushing bride to post one way or another.

After the wedding, we’re going off on a roadtrip round the west coast and if there’s wi-fi along the way I will tweet a couple of photos to make everyone back home jealous as summer turns to autumn and the leaves turn the colour of the dog turd I stood in last time I was at Redbridge Magistrates’ Court.

I’m sure that it won’t be all fun – there will inevitably be a phone call from the clerks at some point asking if I “can do a quick first appearance in Manhattan Mags Court” and one of the downsides of modern technology is that I will still be checking my work emails. Last year I had the slightly surreal experience of reading and amending a draft Court of Appeal judgment whilst sitting at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty grabbing the free wi-fi.

Sadly, we can’t be on holiday forever. Come Yom Kippur we’ll be back in England and I’m back at work on 16th September and Mrs B will be back to school. We’ll be married then though!



I'll be sitting here, drinking a beer, but sadly only till the beginning of the new academic year.

I’ll be sitting here, drinking a beer, but sadly only till the beginning of the new academic year.


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