NYC to Salt Lake City – Honeymoon Day 1


Well, I’m now a married man … I’m not going be writing up the wedding (going to wait until I can find at least two photos of me looking normal – could take a while), but I will be documenting the honeymoon with a few photos and descriptions of what we’re up to…

Apologies if you’ve come here looking for law (if you have, try CrimeLine or the UK Criminal Law Blog, they’re both rather good), but this is mainly for our friends and family to keep them in touch with what we’re up to (as well as anyone lurking around Bexley Magistrates’ Court, waiting to get on, who wants to get their jealousy levels up).

I’m writing it all on my phone, so quality of writing/editing won’t be great, but it should keep my Mum happy at least.

The Plan

We’re off on a roadtrip! Starting in Utah, up through Wyoming (area – same as England, population – less than Bristol) through the National Park, into Canada, back down through Seattle to Portland, when we’re flying back to New York City and then back on to London when reality bites.

Day 1

As Lao Zi never quite said “even the longest journey begins with a single step“. And in this case, this was a lift from the new mother-in-law who very kindly got up at 4am to take us to JFK airport for a 7am flight.

With a two hour time difference, we landed in Salt Lake City at half nine in the morning :


Salt Lake City is an interesting place – it’s a bit like someone had ripped up a city and dumped it in the middle of a mountain range (which is sort of what happened 150 years ago). You walk down the street of what looks like suburban town, but when you look up there’s a ring of hills all around you.


Of course when you think Salt Lake City, you think Mormons. We had a little mosey round the main LDS places. Here’s the temple with the Angel of something atop.


Mrs Bunting is slightly obsessed with Mormons so we took our time and had a bizarre conversation with an elderly and crazy Mormon man who was pretending to be Joseph Smith whilst being a tour guide and general information centre.

We were staying in Park City, 20 miles out of Salt Lake City, so after brunch we drove on out. Mormons are pretty clean living people (I remember cooling my heels in Basildon town centre watching some Mormon missionaries in action – the no alcohol/tobacco/sex before marriage/caffeine message went down as well as you’d imagine), but not so clean cut that you cant get a ‘Macaroni Cheese Burger’ – genuinely a burger topped with macaroni cheese :


We are kicking off the honeymoon in luxurious style – the Waldorf Astoria (massive thank you to Flann, for those who know him) – and after sweltering in the heat for the last few weeks I was quite relieved that, at 7,000 feet, it was a bit cooler.

There was the most insanely perky man on reception. After checking in, I was so worn out by the relentless cheerfulness, service and perfect white teeth, that I had to go and lie down to recover. It’s a cracking setting, a lovely resort in the mountains, and maybe I’d be that cheerful if I lived here :


It’s been a manic few days and we were both shattered. So, with a long drive to Jackson, Wyoming tomorrow, we had a quick and early supper in Park City (almost a sort of theme town, complete with cowboy store) and a very early night :



One thought on “NYC to Salt Lake City – Honeymoon Day 1

  1. Dan, if I knew you were this funny I wouldn’t have been shy about talking to you at the wedding! Which was the best wedding ever. Love to you and Jo, Linda Duchin

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