Keeping two chevrons apart (Honeymoon Day 4)

Idaho – bigger than Jersey
I’m from Jersey. An island that is 9 miles by 5 miles. If you drive for more than half an hour in the same direction you end up in the sea. Even going round the edge only gives you 40 miles of road.

So when you get in the car and read instructions along the lines of ‘continue 174 miles north on I-15’ seems a bit surreal. Today was a driving day – 10 hours on the road. The first half through the mostly flat terrain of Idaho, the second through the more mountainous Montana. Both were occasionally punctured by a small town or hamlet.

An honourable mention for one small slice that I didn’t manage to get a photo of. The Madison County Courthouse, an incongruously large building, given the size of Rexburg, Idaho. I had a momentary vision of moving there and running for office so I could saunter through the magnificent entrance headed ‘Prosecuting Attorney’.

But here’s a few photos of we what spent the day driving through (including waiting for a train to cross, makes a change from bison) :






A lunch stop at Butte
After listening to a steady diet of talk radio and country radio, we had lunch at ‘Matts’ (courtesy of Roadfood), a regular, but very good, roadside diner. Reading the local paper, Mrs Bunting, in particular, was surprised that we appeared to have wandered into the most liberal town in America.

The local rag took a swipe at the Republicans for doubting global warming, the Tea Party for everything, before having a pop at the Democrats for not being left wing enough, not what you’d expect on the surface.

We were staying in Kallispell, meaning another start to hit the Glacier national park tomorrow.

But not before I got to fulfil another long held dream – going to a Walmart. Not everyone’s idea of a dream honeymoon holiday destination, but I wanted the full American experience.

Anyway, obligatory photos of a rack of guns and ammo for sale in the local Walmart :




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