Oh, Canada – Honeymoon Day 6

On the road again
More driving, this time to Banff in the Canadian Rockies. Having been through US customs where they all but got the rubber glove out and repeatedly asked why the heck anyone would want to come to New York for a holiday, it was a pleasant change to have a border guard who was smiling and polite. And didn’t look at me as though I was in all probability a terrorist drug smuggler who was certainly looking to work illegally and claim benefits and most likely steal their women to boot.



Metric country
The speed limit coming up to the border was 50mph. After, it was 80kmh. This change to metric was the source of a deep suspicion in Mrs Bunting’s eyes, who seemed to think that using a base ten measuring system, and calling toilets ‘washrooms’ was a sign of immorality and probable lack of moral fibre.

Me? I couldn’t tell the difference between the two countries whilst driving through them (apart from the use of French in the road signs). Still. It was a nice drive though :





Technical Fails
Two problems with technology cropped up today. Firstly, it seems that Canada is a different country to the USA. And for some reason those pesky Canadians don’t include their maps on the GPS device (apart from New Brunswick, god knows why). As a result we went old school – Mrs Bunting with what our forefathers called a ‘map’ on her knee and me swearing at the road signs for not being helpful enough.

The second disaster was music related. Amongst some other awesome gifts, we’d got a wirethingything from Ben and Karen (new brother and sister in law) that connects my iPod to the car stereo so I could play all the best songs, including my ‘Canada playlist’, containing the top four Canadian musicians, for as we cross the border.

Sadly, my iPod is steam powered and doesn’t work, so we are stuck with Mrs Bunting’s iPhone music (or she registered specifically for one that isn’t compatible with my phone or iPod). Which meant non-stop Indigo Girls, assorted female artists and the Sound of Music soundtrack. Which means my ears are still bleeding.

Clever husky
Driving on the wrong (as in right) side
of the road sometimes creates fun. I was following a Canadian car up I-93 that was indicating to turn left, when a dog’s head popped out of the drivers window to check the lanes before turning off.

It was momentarily disconcerting that they let dogs drive in Canada, until I remembered that the steering wheel was on the other side as well.

Bethnal Green v Banff
Thanks to Flann’s connections (and other friends’ generosity), we are staying in the Fairmont Banff Springs. This is a seriously classy joint – we’re staying in the turret of a castle. And they speak French here, what more could you want?





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