River Deep, Mountain High – Honeymoon Day 8

Morning All
I obviously wasn’t up with the sun, but what I did catch was good :



Lake Moraine
This is a glacial lake about eight miles from where we’re staying. Also very pretty, if a bit more barren than Lake Louise:


There was a strange man with a beard who was sitting at the shore edge, reading a bible, who looked like he could have stepped out of the 19th Century. As well as some sensible cooking advice on one of the parked cars:


We took a picnic down to the lake and had breakfast there. Beautiful setting and felt very smug.

Best part of the day was hiring a canoe and paddling about on the lake for a bit. Good fun and nobody drowned.

Also had the most romantic legal moments of the trip so far that involved the exclusion of liability contracts. We had to sign a waiver of liability against anything (bear attack, boat falling apart and us drowning, shark attack. Everything) and my wife got to sign in a new name for the first (official) time. Made my heart melt!






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