The Road to Lake Louise – Honeymoon Day 7

We kicked off the day with a swim in the outdoors (heated) pool, overlooked by the mountains, with the sounds of the rapids in the distance:


We were moving on today, but just down the road (at least by North American standards – a 45 minute drive) to Lake Louise, another beautiful spot, west of Banff.

The Bachelor
If you’ve never watched the US show ‘The Bachelor’ then you’re a lucky person. The formula is simple. You take a man who used to be a jock in high school and is still perfectly chiseled, but now selling insurance. Add in 15 women who are all attractive with low self esteem and then film the man going on ever more extravagant dates with the women and kicking one of them at the end of each show.

As the weeks go by and the women are whittled down it becomes increasingly like a manicured version of The Lord of the Flies, except they remain permanently perky and polite as they go on this ‘incredible emotional journey’ together.

They made an English version with Gavin Henson and a bevy of Essex beauties which didn’t catch on. Unfortunately you can watch the American version in the UK. Mrs Bunting loves it. She thinks its so bad it’s good. It’s the kind of viewing that makes me think al quaida is on to something …

Anyway. Last season the guy and the five girls left standing went to Lake Louise so that two of them could have their hopes as dreams shattered on camera, but with a beautiful setting. One of them got hypothermia. Mrs Bunting is very keen on recreating some of the scenes. I am less so.

Lake Louise
This is another seriously posh hotel. The kind where I feel out of place and am expecting to be asked to leave at any moment.

View from the hotel window :


Lake outside :


Railway and guide pioneer :


Likely reading for me :


We’re having a lazy day today, before hiking and canoeing for the next two days. We were going to go for a swim in the lake, but got distracted by this :


And I had my first cup of tea in a fortnight.


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