This is my sunset, now show me yours (Honeymoon Day 9)

Sundown at Lake Louise
I tried a little experiment in time lapse video. Not sure how well it comes out, but there you go :

A Walk in the Woods
Another day, another hike. This time up to Lake Agnes. There was a slight issue when Mrs Bunting misread the elevation as 350 feet rather than 350 metres (she’s generally distrustful of metric) but we made it in the end. There was a crazy Canadian who was running up the hillside which put our efforts into perspective …

Anyway. Pretty pictures :





My kind of hiking
At the top of this hike there was a tearoom! They helicopter in supplies at the beginning of the season, and the staff hike up with fresh supplies every day. That’s dedication to the cause, but totally worth it when I got to down four cups of tea before the journey home.


They also had some pretty tame chipmunks which I got to see up close (never seen a chipmunk before). Sadly, you’re not allowed to feed them bits of cake or take them home with you.


…is another driving day – 9 hours or so to Vancouver. So an early night, after having spaghetti bolognese made with bison and elk meat :



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