A Long and Winding Road (Honeymoon Day 10)

Too much geography, not enough history
It was only a couple of inches on the map, but it took ten hours, allowing for a slight detour and pit stops :


There was a small amount of this :


A fair amount of this :


And a whole world of this :


A long, long drive passing not much by the way of towns, but those that we did pass has some cracking names. I’ll eschew any beaver jokes (and there were plenty of beaver towns) and say my favourite was Chilliwack, which sounds like the name of a ridiculous English village that you so often see.

Music was my first love
We had some music chat, including the following topics :

– Who knew that EMF’s Unbelievable made it across the ocean when none of the Pulp cannon has?
– How many genuinely happy love songs are there (only two on my accessible music collection – After All by the Frank and Walters and Them’s the Vagaries by Half Man Half Biscuit)?
-Why do so many love songs double up as songs about drugs (There She Goes, Another Girl Another planet, etc)?

The last one gave me the excuse to introduce Mrs Bunting to heroin (the Velvet Underground song, not the drug).

That managed to last us pretty much to Vancouver…

Chinese Laundry Blues
After ten days of driving and hiking, we’d got to the stage where we’d worn all our clothes once, and they could do with a wash. Prior to being married I’d have manned up and worn the same pair of pants for three straight weeks washed my clothes in the sink.

In a bid to be sophisticated, we went to the local laundry (we’re in Chinatown at the moment). Mrs Bunting had sensibly looked up the route using the hotel’s wifi and off we set. Unfortunately, whilst she was looking at the map properly, I mixed up the start and end points.

There then followed what could’ve been a Two Ronnies sketch. If Ron Barker was still alive and they went on holiday with each other and had iPhones. I lead us round in circles as we swapped the phone around and kept heading off in the wrong direction, after standing on the stret corner and talking at cross purposes.

All’s well that ends well though, and we got there eventually after the confusion got sorted out, before having a massive Chinese meal. Tomorrow is a full day in Vancouver – should be good, provided I read the map properly.


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