Back in the USA (Honeymoon Day 12)

Hello City!
The original plan was to have a half day today in Vancouver, but after actually achieving things yesterday, we decided to get on the road early. This was also partly as we were a bit nervous as to how long it would take to cross the border, and partly because we were meeting one of Mrs. Bunting’s singing friends tonight.

Border Crossing Blues
In the end, it wasn’t too bad. After some shenanigans getting out of Vancouver (they don’t seem to believe in road signs) we hit the open road (well, 99 South).

There was a fairly long line queue to get into the US, but we were only there for just over an hour, enough time for me to catch up on the Australian election results, but far less than some of the horror stories on t’internet.

Immigration control was painless – the border guard was polite, friendly and efficient. I won’t say his name as I imagine that sort of behaviour would get him sacked. After a few questions we were let loose into Washington state.



A few hours got us to Seattle. To accompany us, there was a radio station playing “The best in American rock”, including such classic US musicians as Elton John, Dire Straits and Paul McCartney.

Before meeting up with Rachel we went for a walk on the Seattle sea front :




Table for three
It’s been nearly a fortnight since we’ve had a conversation with a third party that’s lasted more than two sentences (discounting my repeatedly apologising for whatever real or imagined faux pas I had committed).

Luckily, twelve days in a car together haven’t turned us into total savages and I even managed complete conversations. Thanks to Rachel for a lovely evening at the Wild Ginger restaurant :

Chocolate covered strawberries
We are staying at the Fairmont Hotel (courtesy of Jo’s friend Carol Ann) and after we had checked in and were getting ready to go out, there was a knock at the door and this was presented as a wedding celebration :


They tasted as good as they look – if you’re getting married, I’d recommend staying in a Fairmont and tipping them the wink about your recent nuptials!



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