Vancouver (Honeymoon Day 11)

It’s raining again
The pacific north west has a reputation for rain. On the limited sample of two days here, I’d agree with that.

Museum of Anthropology
A good thing to do if it rains … It documents the art (and daily life to some extent) of the indigenous people of the region. It also had a large collection of ceramics from Europe (it wasn’t quite clear why, other than that someone had donated them).

Some wooden carvings :


Part of a hundred piece dinner set (not part of our wedding registry sadly) :


And a useful guide to how to wash your hands, just in case you found that concept hard :


Stanley Park bike ride
It’s not all driving on our RoadTrip – we found time for a bit of exercise negotiating the convoluted one way bike system and dodging the drunks, geese (Mrs B nearly ran one over that was refusing to get off the cycle path) and the Mounties :


We spent a good few hour circling the peninsula. There were some less nice parts (that reminded me of the Tilbury docks) but mostly prettier views of the Vancouver skyline :


Mrs Bunting loves cats and so, when visiting Granville Island (a supposed market town area, that looked slightly like a theme park, and found ourselves in a 🐱centred area, she was in heaven:

It was a genuine dog bakery, baking pizza and cakes for dogs. We rounded off the pre-dinner day in the ‘Cats Social House’. Sadly without any cats :



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