Seattle (Honeymoon Day 13)

A day leaving the car parked and being city tourists. Seattle is quite hilly, which is harder by foot than by car it turns out. We had lots of fun though, and I was reminded of why cities are inherently better than the countryside.

Anyway, lots of good stuff seen, couple of highlights below :

Don’t tell him Pike
The Pike Place market is a perfect hangout for hippies/hipsters. Apparently, it’s the oldest farmers market in the US, originating from the prototype middle class anarcho-syndicalist, anti-capitalist hippies of the early 20th Century, when they got back to nature a bit whilst striking a blow against big corporate food companies. It’s quite pretty at least, even if it does smell in part of fish :



They did have a tea and crumpet shop (with some savoury toppings which I’d never heard of, seemed sacrilegious to me, but seemed to go down well), so a little bit of civilisation as well :



Space Needle
This is a highlight of Seattle, a very funny looking building, it looks like a 600 foot vase with a spaceship on top, cracking views of the city though :




Other Stuff
I was underwhelmed by the $85 million outdoor sculpture park, ambivalent about the aquarium (I’m a sucker for cute mammals, they had otters and seals – very sweet, but a bugger to photo as they move about, but the viewings of them all weren’t that great and they had a disappointingly small amount of room to swim around in) and really enjoyed the boat trip :





Another great day, tinged only by the fact that it feels like we’re on the ‘home stretch’.

We will again be getting up early, picking up doughnuts from a recommended place and doing the last bit of RoadTrip driving … to Portland, Oregon.


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