On Highway 5 – (Honeymoon Day 14)

Seattle to Portland
Ah. Highway 5. One of the best songs by one of my favourite artists – Robb Johnson. I don’t know if he was singing about this one or not, but feels good anyway.

I must go down to the sea(s) again
We went to Portland via Cannon Beach, a nice stretch of the Pacific Ocean (which we dipped out toes into). It actually reminded me of the Five Mile Beach on (old) Jersey a bit. If you know it, you may see why. Or you may think I’m seeing things :





Either way, there are certain differences. Whilst no sign of bears here, at least we don't have earthquakes in Jersey. It would have made Saturday night at the Watersplash significantly more interesting (and more sober) if we had needed a tsunami evacuation plan :



Eating in the bog
Well, by the time we got to Portland it was time got coffee and reading. Then supper, although we eschewed a restaurant that was called ‘bog’ – it doesn’t have the some connotations in the US as the UK it seems :


We had pizza in the end. And plotted what to do tomorrow, the last full day of our honeymoon 😦


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