Portland, Oregon (Honeymoon Day 15)

A full day of exploration in Portland. I’m sure you need longer than that to see it properly, but here are a few highlights :

Apparently the largest independent bookshop in the US, and it was massive. I restricted myself to one book –


I shall read it at home where our government is trying to make sure that the injustice documented here happens more frequently in the UK.

A rose by any other name …
… is still a rose. And a whole garden of them doesn’t make it any more interesting. As someone whose suggestion of what to do with a garden when I lived in a house with grass out the front was ‘napalm it and put down AstroTurf, much easier’, this was one for Mrs Bunting.


Pretty views though :


Big Yellow Taxi
I got to fulfil another long-held off beat dream – riding the school bus (I’ve seen them in TV shows and films over the years and always felt I missed out, rather than anything dodgy). This was sort of accidental, we went to the zoo and the car park was full. They offered a shuttle service in the old school bus :


I’m not the best photographer, and zoos aren’t the best place to take photos, but you can always rely on cats to be cute – here’s a couple of cheetahs curling up together in the shade :


I don’t know if it was because we were there on ‘four dollar Tuesday’ or Portland is sociologically different, bit there seemed to be an inordinate number of young parents (mainly women in their very early twenties). If Mrs Bunting and myself had been there with a child, we would have looked like the kids grandparents.

Oh go on then, have some more (badly photographed) aquatic cute :




Other Stuff
Lunch from the food carts and retiring to a coffee shop when the temperature got too high (was 36 C, or 99 F in old/American money). I can’t function above 25 C / 75 F so this got a bit unpleasant …

And the saddest part was returning the rental car. I’d become quite attached to her it, and emptying all the detritus from a fortnight before dropping her it off at the airport meant that the trip is properly coming to an end … A 7am flight tomorrow and back to reality shortly thereafter.


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