There and back again (Honeymoon Day 16)

An early flight from Portland lands us back JFK mid-afternoon (after allowing for the time difference).

A Honeymoon in Numbers
In short summary –

2,717 – miles driven
(Another way of looking at that is that is 3.33 times 814 miles – the journey by from John O’Groats to Land’s End – the longest possible drive in Britain)

1,169 – photos taken

1,036 – times I tried to change gear before remembering it was an automatic car

17 – number of times I went off with the car keys after locking the door, leaving Mrs. Bunting on her own

10 – number of times a day I said “f@*k me, this is a big country”

9 – radio stations listened to

8 – states and provinces driven through (6 US states and 2 Canadian provinces)

7 – times I was mistaken for a German

6 – number of those states and provinces that have the death penalty (neither of the Canadian ones, but a clean sweep Of 6/6 for the US)

5 – (relatively) healthy meals we had

4 – books purchased

3 – boat trips

2 – time zones driven through

1 – conversations we had with another person that lasted more than three sentences

0 – Blazing stand up rows (or, in fact, any arguments – not bad, eh?)


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