VHCC Panel List


The MoJ have now ‘clarified’ the position and published a new list of those “Self-employed advocates who have [applied for and] been accredited for VHCC cases has been provided to solicitors to assist them in exercising their duty to secure representation for their clients.* “.

The note reads “Please note that the circumstances of the individuals identified in the list may have changed e.g. they may no longer be a member of the chambers listed.

Expect various revisions as more people on the list drop out (and maybe new people are added?).

This follows clarification from the LAA (see story in the Gazette and the Lawyer) saying “The list is simply a list of barristers who have worked on VHCCs. Nothing more, nothing less.

“If a solicitor has contacted the LAA to say that they can’t find or don’t know many barristers or can’t find one to work at the new rate, the LAA has given them a list of barristers who have worked generally on VHCCs.”

In a further statement the MoJ added: “Rumours of a ‘secret’ list are completely unfounded. We provided a list of self-employed advocates who have been accredited for VHCC cases when solicitors asked for it.

It is not a list of advocates who will work at the new rate and never has been presented as such. As always, an advocate has discretion to accept or refuse instructions.”

Apparently “She said the list of accredited advocates has been in the public domain, but that the LAA would put a message clarifying the position on its website. She also explained that solicitors can instruct advocates not on the list and the LAA will then accredit them.


10 thoughts on “VHCC Panel List

    • I’m not sure that this has anything to do with the Blacklisting Regulations? If you think that there is anything wrong with sharing a public document let me know – I don’t want to do anything wrong certainly!

      • Not at all suggesting you have don’t anything wrong Dan. More a comment that, for this particular list to exist, a list of those who would be classed as ‘activists’ exists and is highly likely in circulation, albeit perhaps not publicly. But it doesn’t have to be public in order to be ‘prohibited’.

  1. DAN – have just seen the list. Can you please update the list by crossing out or putting a great big “NO I WILL NOT” next to the names of people who will not do VHCC. I am in that category as is everyone at DSC.
    I suspect this is a list of people who have done VHCC in the last 12m or are still doing them rather than those who are willing to do VHCC at the new rates.

  2. Dan,
    I’m delighted to see the skill and care with which this list has been prepared. Not bothering to delete those who are now one of HM Circuit Judges, but simply an amendment to say ‘Judge – No Longer Eligible to Practise’ makes me chuckle.

    Perhaps we can now find out the criteria used to compile the original list that circulated before the amended version.

  3. Reblogged this on Supporting UK Justice: For the Defence! by a layman and commented:
    I think the MOj is trying to break the VHCC Strike by publishing this List which is defamatory according to CBA in order to sow confusion into the actions of The Criminal Bar who have had enough of present day working pay and conditions which are proving intolerable to the Profession which is threatened with destruction by a irresponsible and feckless MOj who wishes to deny Legally Aided Representation for the poor whilst giving the Rich all the Justice they require.
    Dear Public support The Bar in resisting these attacks and get the truth from the horses mouth.#SaveUKJustice #savingtheindependentbarforthepublicgood #fighttosavelegalaid

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