PDS shenanigans in Winchester CC?

This is a report taken from the ‘Save UK Justice’ Group on Facebook for anyone that doesn’t use facebook. It is a report from Winchester Crown Court on 30th April 2014. Presumably the solicitors action of not applying for legal aid is working …


Dear All

As I reported earlier, and as also witnessed by [a solicitor], [the advocate] from PDS Cheltenham was there assisted by a litigator. He says he was “assisting” the court not touting !

The court said he was invited by [someone] from CPS, the CPS said the court had arranged it.

In every case where a defendant had no one logged in to represent him, he asked them if they would wish to instruct him.

There was a GPG client on Video link called X, he got the usher to make this enquiry over the link.

He had a pile of files and was aware of the charges, although I couldn’t see if he had CPS papers. His Litigator was armed with Legal Aid forms, and files was well.

When cases were called on He was introduced to the defendants by HHJ and she then asked if they would like to use him, or their “Own” solicitor.

All the cases I saw said own solicitor.

The Judge then went on to set timetables often making comments that no one was representing and saying that the papers should be served on those “Purporting to represent but not present.”

There quiet clearly has been action behind the scenes by MOJ, Judges and CPS to sink this action by the use of PDS, I understand that [PDS rep] will be appearing at each Court on the Preliminary hearing days to continue to “Assist the Court” further.

Although quiet clearly they can’t represent everyone, all they have to do is trigger a few firms to abandon this action, critical mass will be achieved and it will fail.


4 thoughts on “PDS shenanigans in Winchester CC?

  1. Unfortunately they have achieved their aim and the action has been abandoned. How can we hope to succeed with such a conspiracy against us. I would have thought the judges would have had more sympathy but clearly they have not been thinking of their former colleagues. ********..😖

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