JK Rowling vs the Daily Mail

This was a bit long long for twitter, so putting it here…

On twitter on 7th May 2014 this tweet popped up into my timeline:

This referred to a story in the Press Gazette today concerning JK Rowling v the Daily Mail. Now, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I think everyone would agree who’s side we’re on in this one. Basically, the Mail published a misleading story. No surprises there I would imagine – that’s their stock in trade. That, and talking about cancer, hating on foreigners and single mothers, and bigging up the blackshirts of course. Anyway, the Mail did what it does best, Ms Rowling sued, the Mail backed down, apologised, and paid damages to her (which she donated to charity).

As part of the settlement they had to print an apology on page 2. I’m sure they’ve done that and I’m certainly not buying it to check. The Press Gazette noted that the apology “has yet to appear online” (in fact, it’s up there now), so, popping over to the Daily Mail website, the most recent story about JK Rowling was this :


Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 20.29.57

The headline? “UK tabloid apologizes, pays damages to JK Rowling“. The first line? “A British tabloid has apologized and paid damages to “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling over an article about her time as a single mother“. The next paragraph makes it clear that, yes, the errant British tabloid was, in fact, the Daily Mail. Now in fairness, this came off the AP wire (is it still a wire?) and is put up there automatically (I assume), but I’m surprised nobody there checks the stories to make sure that it doesn’t make them look even more ridiculous than the Mail already does.




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