CPS Casework Quality Standards Consultation



So. What do you think about CPS and Quality? Stop sniggering at the back now. Well, the CPS are reviewing their ‘Casework Quality Standards’ and want your views on the new ones. It’s important. As they say “The standards set out what ‘quality’ looks like in CPS casework” .



This is a strange consultation as it doesn’t seem to have anything by way of substance. The standards are pretty much uncontentious – the far more interesting questions (which are not asked) is how the standards are going to be maintained, measured and acted on. But hey-ho, that’s for another day at least.

There are four different standards :

  • Victims, witnesses and communities
  • Legal decision-making
  • Casework preparation
  • Presentation

Who thinks it’s a bad idea to treat all victims and witnesses with respect? Did you think the CPS set out to not oppose bail in cases where a remand is appropriate? What about the Code of Crown Prosecutors – should the CPS try to apply it?

If you found the questions above tricky then you should probably read the consultation. If not, well this is a consultation exercise in stating the obvious. Still, it’s always good to respond, if for no other reason than to show the CPS that we are interested in what they’re up to.

Here’s the Consultation Homepage and the actual Consultation Document (it really is very short).



If you want to respond, there’s a template response form here. If you want, you can read my draft response here. Any feedback welcome as always.

The deadline is 27th June …




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