Poland October 2014


I’ve recently come back from Poland [by ‘recent’ I meant I started to write it, but then forgot] from a weeks holiday (half term) and have decided to do a little write up. This is more of an aide-memoire to myself as I had been there several times previously (1994, 1997 and 2009), all for short periods, but I realised this time how much I’d forgotten. I’m pretty sure I had a (very short) diary for the first trip but god knows where that is. It’s also inspired me to collate our ‘mini-break holidays’, going backwards and forwards.

So. This is mainly my way of curating what I did with a few photos to look back on in years to come. If anyone reads it and gets anything from it, then great, but I won’t be plugging it, or attempting to make it a great work of art. I will start properly noting in 2015.


Krakow (27th-30th October)

This is a beautiful amazing city. If you’ve never been I would say stop reading this now, click on google, and book a ticket. Full of culture and full of history. And all so very cheap. We stayed in a hotel in a road off the main square for £30 a night. A two course meal with drinks on the main square was £10 for two people. There was plenty to see and do, and it was all pretty navigable on foot.

We had a visit to Auschwitz, which is a place that I had been to in 1994. The experience was totally different – then I went on a hot summers day and it was practically empty. We were able to spend hours walking through the camp, reading the history and trying to take in some of the horror of the place. Now, even in late October, not only were there thousands of visitors, you had to go with a guide, and you were walked through with no time for any reflection or exploration.

Sausage. You can never go wrong.

Sausage. You can never go wrong.


Main Square, Krakow

Krakow Main Square


Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery



Warsaw (30th November-1st December)

This had changed a huge amount since I last explored it properly in 1994. It is very much a modern city in all senses of the word – the old town was flattened in the war and rebuilt in the 1950s. There’s still plenty to do and see there though. We focussed on the old town and the new Jewish Museum (photo below).


The Wedding of Dovid Lipszyc and Tsipora Joselewicz - 1930s

The Wedding of Dovid Lipszyc and Tsipora Joselewicz – 1930s



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