Sweden – March 2013


1st to 3rd March 2013. Stockholm, Sweden. Ground zero for social democracy, a nicer world and all round loveliness. It is a quality capital where it is impossible not to feel inadequate when surrounded by people who speak better English than you do. We stayed in a cheap hotel. Cheap and Sweden don’t always go together, but was managed here by the fact that we stayed in what appeared to be a cupboard – a small room in the middle of the floor with no windows.

It snowed, which is something that I still get childishly excited about. The highlight for me was the Vasa Museum – a boat that was launched by Gustavus Adolphus which promptly sank on its maiden voyage before leaving the harbour. It was brought up just over fifty years ago and there is now a museum dedicated to it, which is unsurprisingly very well done (sadly struggling to track down all my photos).

And I had moose meatballs.



Artsy shot of the harbour I

Artsy shot of the harbour I

Artsy shot of the harbour I

Artsy shot of the harbour II

I visited my first Scandinavian country (Denmark) in 1994 and it took me nearly twenty years to get to the next one. Will definitely try to make Norway before I’m a pensioner.


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