Rome – February 2015


Another half-term, another break. Basically, this is just a collection of photos for me to look back on to jog my memory as to the holidays I take. Not to be relied on as tour guide advice!


Day 1 – Valentine’s Day date night

Arrived fairly late in the day. Just enough time to have some gelato, decide to not hire a wheelchair (who hires a wheelchair?) and have a romantic evening out, seemingly with a million other Romans.


This is not where we ate


I am undoubtedly the first tourist to take a photo of the Hotel California


Valentine’s Day


I decided to have one mean not of pasta/pizza. It was an error.

Day 2 – Colosseum and a walk through classic Rome

We stayed in a cheap hotel, but that was just around the corner from the Colosseum, great location. Today was about history, 2,768 years of it to be precise. After the Colosseum, a walk through the ‘usual’ sights – Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, etc. An early night with an early ticket for the Vatican tomorrow.


The Colosseum


The Spanish Steps


Trevi Fountain. Closed for repairs.


So many streets like this.


The Parthenon


Regional History Museum

Day 3 – The Vatican and the Jewish Quarter (and some more walking) 

The queues for the Vatican were immense. We skipped past these with pre-booked tickets to the Vatican museum (including the Sistine Chapel). We didn’t get in to the main part of the other Vatican and, after strolling around the sights there, went off to the Jewish quarter. This was the day after the Copenhagen attacks, and security was unsurprisingly tight. We weren’t able to get in and so, after a Jerusalem Artichoke in one of the many kosher restaurants, it was more walking through street after square after street that was all dripping with history. It almost looked like a Disney set it was so fabulous.

And that, sadly, was it. Up early the next day back to reality.


The Vatican


Tapestry of Jesus seemingly about to eat a puppy.


Even Priests have to get to work somehow… For some reason I love this photo.


St. Peter’s Square


Bridge on the Tiber


Looks like a movie set, but real.


Main Synagogue. Jews have lived in Rome non-stop for more than 2,000 years.


This is why Rome is ridiculous. You look out at bits of 2,500 years of history piled on top of each other. It’s like a film set. But real.


Me being all fancy like with instagram.






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