Bratislava – November 2013

My first mini-break as a married man (as mentioned, I’m not branching out into travel blogging, just an aide-memoire to myself). I had been to Bratislava in 1997, and then for less than a day. This time was not that much longer – the first flight out on Saturday 23rd November (brutally early from Stanstead, but it did allow us a full day there) and the last one back on the Sunday night.

It’s a pretty small city though, and whilst I wouldn’t say that this is enough time to see it all, you can get a pretty good feel for it. We started off with the Castle which, if you ever find yourself in Slovakia for a day, you can probably live without seeing. It was pretty much all rebuilt post World War II and (maybe it was just the time that we went and it’s improved since then) a museum which consisted of room after empty room with nothing by way of exhibits.

But the old town certainly made up for it. It is over a pretty small area – not quite a couple of streets, but not that much more. The Christmas Market was on in the main square and we had a lovely time moseying around there, feeling festive, listening to the Christmas songs, drinking hot chocolate and trying a potato snack (photo below) which was a whole potato, peeled into a set of concentric circles and fried on a stick.



Christmas Market in the Main Square



A potato peeled and fried. On a stick. What’s not to like?



Narrow streets.



Hot Chocolate on the Market Square



Slovak Food – hearty fare



*Snigger* – obviously I’m mature enough now not to find this Bar at the Train Station amusing.




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