Munich – December 2015

I had been to Munich a few years ago on a stag do. It was great fun, but that was not the time to soak up the cultural delights of the Bavarian capital. Now, as I’m more mature, it was time to try a second time. This was prompted, as always, by Mrs B. Perhaps because she’s from over the pond, she loves the idea of weekend mini-breaks in a different country and so off to Germany we went on the flight after work on 11th December. It was a pretty short visit, coming back on the Sunday.

The main draw for Munich in December is the Christmas Markets. It is ‘markets’ in the plural, as there are over 40 of them of various different varieties, and that was what we did for the weekend.

As said before, this is an aide-memoire for myself rather than the usual rant against the system, But if you like badly taken photos of foreign climes, read on …

Main Market Square

And again in the evening

Lovely atmosphere

Breakfast (for two)

A big menorah

Potato noodles – yum (and vegetarian)


Professional latke makers

More market-goers

Christmas ornaments for sale


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