Cereal Cafe – Brick Lane eats itself?


It’s so mainstream to bash the hipsters nowadays. Even the most tragically hip Shoreditch resident is quick to sneer at the flannel-shirted, bearded ones who scoot. But whilst the relentless cynicism is wearying at times, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a point.

Sometime I had wondered if it was all a big joke. But if so, it’s an expensive an elaborate one. There was a long queue to get in. It’s a ‘cafe’ that just sells cereals, but charges you a minimum of £2.50 for a bowl. It’s not literally that bad – the theory (I think) is that you have a trip down memory lane to the breakfasts of your youth, but those prices are real.


Not your actual breakfast of course. Mine was mostly Alpan or wheetabix. Bland and boring. The sort of cereals that it’s hard to dedicate a whole cafe to (I did love Country Store, but haven’t seen that for years, now that is something I’d actually be nostalgic for).

Although if you want the true sugary nostalgia (or American) experience, you have to pay more than £2.50, double in some cases.



Still, it’s an experience isn’t it? In the end though, it was a joke that wasn’t that funny. The queue was too long – out the door and moving too slowly. So we left and went for a coffee and a sandwich down the road.


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