2 thoughts on “Consultations

  1. Hi My name is Darren Morgan and myself and a friend of mine was sexually abused by two scumbags brothers from the same area when we’re 6-7 years old this went on for 4 years nearly 5 years. This was back in 1982-83 to 1986-87. The older brother is now in prison but the younger brother is still roaming the streets because ethereal CPS in Swansea dropped his charges because they said he was a minor at the time. Now we have proven his age by my friends statement but the CPS have not used my friends statement altho he was the first one to report it and give his statement to the police.

    My statement I messed up on with the time of length the sexual abuse went on for but the older brother has already admitted it in swansea crown court that it went on for 4 years. We have proven to the CPS in Swansea about the youngest scumbag brother and again still won’t prosecute him.

    My question is who do I need to speak to, to overlook the CPS’s decision about this scumbag??

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